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So much of today’s life revolves around social media and what people see verses actual reality. It’s so crazy to me that we live in a world of constant connection and yet so many of us feel alone. In my personal opinion it’s because we lack Transparency. So I’m basically here to embarrass myself for my freedom but also give some light to those feeling like they are stuck in this perfect image of what they are supposed to be. Transparency is your freedom and I want to help you be comfortable enough to embrace your reality.

“To find the good life, you must become yourself” -Dr. Bill Jackson-


I realized as soon as I had my first child that my children would be my greatest achievement. This was very exciting but also terrifying…

-Charly Rowe-

What are Clone Questions?

We both think marriage is so much fun but are also very aware of the difficulties that it brings. We have found that one thing that makes it easier is when you are able to be honest with each other about absolutely anything. So this is the fun game we made up to make being honest with your spouse a little bit easier. Have fun love birds!

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